Before you rush out and get a dog, it is important to think it through very thoroughly. It can be hard work and it's a lifetime commitment, as your dog will be relying on you for many years to come.

Once you are sure you have the time and lifestyle to own a dog then research different breeds.  Consider things like size, grooming requirements, temperament, health issues, exercise needs etc to work out which breed would be most suitable for you.

Look at different websites about the breeds. The Dogs Victoria website provides links to the names and addresses of all the breed clubs. 

Attend a Conformation Dog Show, Agility Show or The Royal Melbourne Show where you can see all the different breeds and talk to the breeders



Visit an event such as Big Day Out For Dogs, Dog Lovers Show, Pets in the Park, Doggy Day Out etc


If you have chosen a pure bred dog, it is important that the breeder is registered with the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) now known as Dogs Australia, with a state controlling body eg Dogs Victoria, Dogs NSW, Dogs Queensland etc. They will also have a registered kennel prefix, mine being CARAWOOD. The ANKC is the only governing body in Australia for pedigree dogs. Only breeders registered with one of the respective State Bodies can provide a certificate of registration, showing the pedigree of the dog.

It is recommended that you contact the Kennel Club of the breed you are interested in eg The Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria Inc. who will be able to provide you with a list of breeders and information about puppy availability.




A Responsible Breeder:

Only produces a few litters each year and only has one or two breeds

Asks questions about you as they have a strong interest about who they are placing their puppies with

Will give you names and contact details of other responsible breeders

Is actively involved and interested in the breed through club membership and canine activities such as conformation showing, agility, obedience, tracking etc as they are proud of their dogs and their achievements

Socializes their puppies to many environmental factors eg different sights, sounds, people etc

Helps you select a puppy that is right for your family situation

Carries out DNA testing for hereditary diseases in the breeding parents so that puppies will not be affected by these diseases and can show you all health certificates

Can show you the pedigree of both parents and provides pedigree registration papers, microchip registration papers, vaccination records etc  

Provides information and advice on grooming, training, diet and general care of the puppy

Enables you to meet their dogs 

Has dogs that are happy and healthy and raised in a clean, appropriate environment

Breeds to preserve breed standards to produce the best quality puppies they can

Is willing to take the dog back if circumstances change

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